Dealing with Sewage Cleanup in Littleton, CO

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Leaking sewage is the last thing anyone would want; aside from being stomach-turning in nature, sewage that has just begun leaking poses many risks for the whole household. We know that a stinky smell comes from several types of bacteria. Bacteria and a foul odor are not a good combination.

Let’s face the fact that sewage can leak at any time. We can blame the overflowing tank, misaligned pipe, tree roots, or those non-biodegradable items thrown in the toilet. Blame them all you want, but at the end of the day, you still need to face the stinky truth that you need to have this cleaned up to maintain your family’s health.

Besides that disgusting smell, you must understand the need for an immediate and effective fix. Leaking sewage systems contains an unimaginable number of parasites, viruses, and bacteria that are harmful to anyone’s health. Meaning, you need an effective cleanup as soon as possible.

Leak from sewage water pipe Sewage Cleanup Littleton CO

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When dealing with the needed sewage cleanup in Littleton, CO, you should remember the following tips:

inpsecting the sewage system Sewage Cleanup Littleton CO
  1. Do not allow your children, parents, pets, or anyone with low immunity to stay in the affected area. Move them to a safe place where they cannot smell or see the leakage.
  2. It would be best if you assumed that every single item or surface that the sewage has touched, whether wet or dry, is already contaminated. Harmful microorganisms can live behind dry surfaces. Remembering this will help you remember not to touch them.
  3. When inspecting, do not forget to use protective gear.
  4. Circulate the air by opening all windows and doors. Hazardous chemicals and contaminants can remain suspended in the air. Circulating air can start the drying process and humidify the surroundings.
  5. Turn off all electrical power and water sources. With any water disaster, electricity and water are never a dangerous combination.
All of the above preventive measures are essential to avoid any health risk to you and your family. If you cannot seem to stand the smell, don’t worry! Thanks to technology, some professionals can perform sewage cleanup in Littleton, Colorado. A sewage cleanup company in Littleton, CO, like Deep Water Emergency Services, can lend a helping hand.

Deep Water Emergency Services offers sewage cleanup services in Littleton, CO, like no other.

We understand the need for immediate action. Thus we guarantee you won’t have to wait long for cleanup. We care for your health, and we understand your frustration with the situation. Call us and let us do the dirty work.